Desert Theory Album

The free melody, like a grain of sand, instrument of the wind, carried with the eagle, sculpting the face of silent stone, twisting through limbs of ancient pines, caught in rolling thunder, delivered to the earth with hail and lightning, flowing in pure waters, rising with the scent of sweet juniper smoke, glowing in the starshine before dawn while the moon sets to the voice of the night.

Magic music that creates a path whenever it is played that leads to a place you long to be. A wonderful blend of uplifting, illustrative and relaxing music.

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1. Night Sky
2. No Longer waiting
3. Leaping Deer
4. All of My Heart
5. Rain Shadow
6. Fairest of the Ten Thousand
7. When I’m With You
8. Sleeping Rainbow
9. What Can I Say
10. As Water Falls
11. Desert Theory